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Z Sold - Zebra Print Floral Toe Charm Ring Under The Hoode So Toe Charming!


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You know what makes these charms so special?  There's no pinching, no pressure on the foot or toes when walking like you get from a metal ring.  The gentle stretch cord is virtually invisible to the eye and so comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing a toe charm!  If that isn't enough to sell you on these amazing toe charms, you can wear them on any toe - even your pinky toe! You can switch them to your finger and you can even use them in a hair comb.

Beautifully designed toe charms to make your feet Oh, So Toe Charming! 

Zebra Print: Silvertone setting floral charm, petals created with zebra print oval-shaped teardrop acrylics and accented at the center with a sparkling crystal; hidden/clear double strand stretch filament with gentle stretching allows for easy wear on any toe or finger and no uncomfortable rubbing or pressure points on the feet when walking. One size fits most, select finger or toe most comfortable for wear.