Full Range Flex Pierced Cockring - because SIZE MATTERS!

We're excited about our new custom pierced cockring with its innovative flex design that expands and retracts to maintain a snug fit to your exact size!  The Full Range Flex Pierced Cockring for casual wear can be custom made for a pierced frenum ring or glans ring as well as pierced cockring for a penis piercing bar located at the penis head, penis shaft or penis base. Our flex style designer cockrings are made for a casual wear custom fit with stainless steel double anchor points for penis piercing bars and offer a flexible base design to allow size adjustments through stretch and flex combination. Whether your shopping for a frenum piercing ring, glans piercing ring or a pierced cocking you'll find a wide array of colors, elements and textures for the best prices. You have a choice – select your comfort, mix and match your favorites. Don't forget to check out our nonpiercing custom cockrings that look great with your pierced cockrings and penis piercings.

"Custom size" stainless steel pierced frenum rings are usually available from a list of several pre-made sizes (1 inch, 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch, etc.), machine made in bulk for profit. If you are looking for a true custom size (your measured size) machined steel pierced cockring, you may want to inquire with XTC Rings located in California or BMG Jewellry in the United Kingdom. BMG has a posted price of $7500USD for a gold cockring and $4500USD for a silver cockring. Neither have a posted price for custom size steel, so send an inquiry for availability and pricing. If you are looking for an affordable alternative that expands and contracts with your body, our full range flex style pierced cockring might just be your answer.

HOW TO MEASURE YOURSELF FOR A FLEX STYLE PIERCED COCKRING  Custom fitting for a flex style pierced cockring requires three measurements: Full circumference, Range, and piercing bar length. 

  1. First, measure for your pierced cockring by measuring all the way around - this is your circumference.  Here's a tip - you could be a different size at the penis head, penis shaft and at the penis base, so measure yourself at the exact spot where the penis piercing bar is located. 
  2. Next, find your Range measurement by measuring from the piercing bar inside the edge of the piercing bar ball, measuring upwards and all the way around your girth and back down to the inside edge of the piercing bar ball on the other side. (see Range measuring diagram further below) **NOTE: Your Range measurement will not include the underside of the penis - only the distance from the piercing bar on one side, up and around to the other side taking care to measure from inside the piercing ball ends - not the outside of the ball ends. (See arrows in Range measurement diagram further below)
  3. Know your piercing bar length.  All piercing specialists are different, each with their own style and some take more in the piercing that others - some piercings are 'deep' while others are 'shallow'.  Your piercing bar length will help estimate where the piercing falls on template to set the anchor points.
Each flex style pierced cockring is built from a custom made template specific to your measurements.  The size of the elements of each design are built around your custom template and finished pieces may vary in finished length as larger elements use more circumference than smaller elements. Regardless of the finished length, when curved around the custom fit flex style cockrings will have the same inner circumference and Range provided on your order. Enough reading! Grab your measurements and go shopping !