Please note, we do not keep a marketing list of emails, addresses or phone numbers. We do not send marketing emails or marketing materials by postal service - if you receive an email or text from Under The Hoode it will be related to your order or a response to your inquiry. We respect customer controlled marketing - see below.

We rely strictly on return customer business, new customer business, word-of-mouth referrals and limited marketplace sales. Customers interested in receiving sales offers, marketing updates or connecting with Under The Hoode can do so through social media following @UnderTheHoode on Instagram. We do have @UnderTheHoode on Twitter/Facebook however, our primary posts and social media forum is Instagram.

Shipments are sent via US Postal Service First Class Mail. International shipments are sent by First Class International Rate Postage. No minimum purchase is required. We try to ship within 24 hours from the time payment is received.  Whenever possible we recycle packaging materials to lessen business waste materials sent to the landfill. Accordingly, your package fillers may vary from air pillows, to packing peanuts to trimmed paper.

All packages are shipped discreetly and do not display the company logo or company name on the exterior of the package. The majority of standard shipments are packaged in a small brown box the size of a coffee mug which can be easily overlooked if left on the porch or doorstep by the postal carrier. Undelivered packages may be claimed by paying a new shipping fee and providing a corrected shipping address. A new shipping charge invoice will be supplied by Under The Hoode to the customer's email address provided in the order. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact customers regarding any returned packages however, if no response is received or new shipping fees are not provided by the customer, the package will be considered abandoned merchandise and re-shelved for sale.

International purchasers:  Please be familiar with your country’s import/customs charges. Import tax or customs charges shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. International package custom labels will reflect contents as ’decorative ornament(s)’.  Note to European customers - It is unfortunate that the UK and other major countries in Europe impose a very heavy duty tax to our incoming packages. We look forward to a future where these major countries waive import taxes as the U.S. currently does for their incoming packages. Packages returned unclaimed for duty taxes will be considered abandoned merchandise and re-shelved for sale. For international packages returned for reasons other than duty tax - see Undelivered packages above.

Shipping disclaimer: Under the Hoode will not be responsible for refund or replacement on any claims of damaged products: Each item is checked for proper working function prior to shipment and domestic shipments are shipped inside an over-sized, 200-lb/ impact resistant corrugated box to ensure no product damage. Postal insurance is recommended, but is optional for purchaser. Accordingly, any damaged items claims should be directed to the US Postal Service; purchasers are responsible for filing their own postal insurance claims.

No Returns. Please note that all sales are final. Due to the personal nature of the items, an opened package is considered used merchandise and returns cannot be accepted. Thank-you for your understanding.

Contact Under the Hoode

Please use the above link to email your inquiries, suggestions, comments, or special requests.

Unfortunately, due to the inappropriate actions of a few individuals, telephone contact information has been removed from the webstore. I apologize for this inconvenience and hence the warning notice below. I realize this does not apply to the vast majority of shoppers, but I suppose the nature of the business has caused it to be necessary. -JMLewis

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WARNING! Any contact received containing lewd and/or inappropriate comments or content are unwelcomed and will be forwarded to law enforcement with a complaint for investigation.

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