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Clitoris Jewelry that Stays On!

Clit Clip Design supports heavier charms for better clitoris stimulation

Frustrated about clit clips that don’t stay on? Under the Hoode™ nonpiercing clit clips are designed by a woman for women, are comfortable to wear and stay on. Clit clips that are functional – can be worn even under jeans. Clitoris jewelry with stronger base designs that hold heavier quality charms, providing better clitoral stimulation. Under the Hoode™ is the best clit jewelry choice for quality and secure body attachment. Try for yourself and see.

Why do Under the Hoode clit clips work?  UnderTheHoode.com is committed to offering intimate jewelry that works as they are intended to. We’re proud to offer custom designed sexy jewelry that gets the job done (pardon the pun)!  U-shaped wire clit clips don’t work for majority of women. Why? Because the clitoris is a sensitive tissue area – not a mass or a gland. For the majority of women, you cannot ‘clip’ to the clitoris, you cannot squeeze ‘around’ it. Once stimulated, the clitoris gets wet and U-shaped wire clit jewelry falls off. Under The Hoode clit clips work because they attach onto the hood over the clitoris. The clip is a simple, no-pierce clasp design with easy attachment; just slide the flat “spoon” under the hood of the clitoris, gently pull the skin of the hood down a little and snap shut!


Under the Hoode Clit Clips How they Work, What they do...

Under The Hoode clit clips work by providing a flat base which rests directly on top the clitoris, actually touching it - Under The Hoode clit clips really work. The clitoral tissue only needs a very light continuous touch to be stimulated – even without any charm movement. When charms on the clit clips move, they send vibrations up through the flat base of the clip. You can actually feel the vibrations while holding the clip in your fingertips and gently moving the charms. These vibrations are transmitted through the flat spoon base providing amazing clitoris stimulation. Imagine that feeling!  Under the Hoode clips touch the tissue area directly while firmly holding to the hood above it; when the clitoris is stimulated the clip doesn’t slip off. Our famous Under The Hoode Clit Clip Stud Button Hugger designs offer a fake pierced clit look with the same base clip base that touches the clitoris, providing clitoral stimulation without dangles. Shop Under The Hoode Clit Clip Stud Button Huggers


Clit hood clips for jewelry wear and foreplay enhancement. You can also shop for clitoris stimulating sex toys at Under The Hoode sex store affiliate: Under The Hoode Toy Box.


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