Nipple Jewelry that works – Read Why

Frustrated about nipple jewelry that doesn’t stay on? Under the Hoode™ intimate jewelry products are designed to stay on – even under clothing. Stronger base designs that hold heavier quality charms, providing better nipple stimulation. Under the Hoode™ is the best product choice for quality and secure body attachment. is committed to offering sexy jewelry products that work as they are intended to. We’re proud to offer intimate products that get the job done (pardon the pun)! Try for yourself and see.

Nonpiercing nipple jewelry falls off - Why? Nipple loop jewelry and wire nipple jewelry don’t work because nipple jewelry on the market is designed to attach to something firm and solid. In reality, women’s breasts are soft mass tissue that easily change shape when pressure is applied through touching or squeezing - it’s like trying to attach a piece of jewelry to a water balloon - it just doesn’t work. When the breast is touched, it changes shape - causing nonpiercing nipple jewelry to fall off.  When nipple arousal declines - there is nothing for the jewelry to hold on to so the nipple jewelry falls off.  Under The Hoode nonpiercing nipple filigree designs coming soon!

Nipple Clips That Work

Under the Hoode nipple jewelry nipple clips stay on. You’ve tried nipple tweezers, U-shaped nipple clamps with chains and even the rubber pinchers with the adjustable screws but you had to get them deathly tight to stay on – too harsh, too much pain, kills the romantic momentum you just had. Under The Hoode nipple clips grip the nipple securely with a lightly textured inside surface and hold without the bite of toothed clamps.  Prepare the nipple, peaking to erectness. Then pinch to fit clip width with slight outward pull. Attach nipple clips from underside of the nipple and release. Nipple clips produce a quick pinch of enjoyable pleasure that smooths into an erotic building arousal. Relax and enjoy the erotic sensations of the charm weights that move and vibrate up through the nipple clip and enhance the nipple stimulation, oh yeah…..  Under The Hoode nipple clips for men and women fit small to average sized nipples – clip span measures  7mm (1/4  inch) wide and 12mm (1/2 inch deep). Measure the nipple and check nipple clip span to ensure correct fit.

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