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Anal Plug Body Chain and Nipple Clips Clamps Set


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Nipple Clips Clamps Anal Bead Body Chain Submissive Jewelry Set

A body set of submissive fun - all in silvertone and black.

Body set features a loop-over neck-and-body chain combination in bold link silvertone chain; single body chain extends down and ends with silvertone chain tassel and attached to a bullet style anal plug available in black silicone or stainless steel with removable core; loop-over neck chain measures approx. 32 inches; body chain measures 25 inches from loop over neck chain to anal bead.  Silicone bullet anal plug features 2 inch penetration with retrieval ring; total length is 3-1/2 inches.  Stainless steel bullet anal plug features 2-1/2 inch penetration with removable core retrieval ring; total length is 4 inches. Chain has bold, heavy appearance but is light weight.

Matching Nipple clips/clamps feature black toothless polymer clips that offer constant pressure without harsh, toothed clamps; accented with same style silvertone chain dangles; dangle length approx. 2 inches. Prepare nipple, peaking to erectness. Pinch to fit clip width with slight outward pull. Attach clip from underside of nipple and release. Chain has bold, heavy appearance but is light weight.

NEED DIFFERENT LENGTHS? Select Custom Length when placing in cart and include your own measurements in the comments section during checkout. An $8 allowance is added for re-work and any additional materials needed.  
Include below measurements:
Loop Over Neck Chain (measure length from one end around to other end):
Body Chain (from neck chain to anal bead):
Nipple Clips Chain Dangles (length of chain dangles):

Items are not gift boxed.

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