Z Sold - Pierced Nipple Bar Jewelry Charms Pair Under The Hoode Large Tribal Warrior Shields


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Unisex Pierced Nipple Jewelry - Large Tribal Warrior Shields - Fits all bar sizes

Under The Hoode Intimate Jewelry and Gifts

Pierced nipple charms feature large, warrior shield charms with intricate etched detail on the top portion followed by bold, hammered design underneath and finished below with 1-1/2 inch long decorative fronds in ebony, bronze and shimmering silver colors; 5mm hole size mounting rings fit all piercing bar gauge sizes. This is a bold, strong design that easily works for men or women. Measures approx. 1-1/2 inch across at the widest point and 3-1/2 inches long from the piercing bar to bottom of frond dangles.

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