Z Sold - Angora Bunny Tail Sexy Burlesque Costume Lingerie Accessory Under The Hoode Rare Blue Merle


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Sexy Angora Bunny Tail Burlesque Costume Lingerie Accessory - Rare Blue Merle

THE BEST and MOST LIFE-LIKE bunny tails anywhere!

Only at Under The Hoode Intimate Jewelry and Gifts !

Add a sexy, erotic touch to a bikini, panty, thong, lingerie, bra, or enhance a burlesque costume; perhaps a French Maid costume with a little playful bunny tail behind?... anywhere your imagination may lead you..... Super sexy, wispy rare blue merle color angora bunny tail accessory features silky soft feel in multi shades of gray; quickly and easily attaches to any apparel that offers a minimum of 1/2 inch fabric area; light weight; measures approx. 3 inches across the core with long sexy wisps that extend out 5 to 7 inches across. Stays securely in place - super duty magnet bases hold through all fabric types. Panty not included. 

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