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Pink Butterfly Toe Charm Ring Fascinator Jewelry Under The Hoode So Toe Charming!


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Where did you get that?!! - Only at Under The Hoode.... that's where you'll find THE BEST TOE JEWELRY - EVER!

Do you know what makes these toe charms so perfect? No metal band around the toe that's too wide, too thick, or pinching. No metal band that presses on your toe and foot every time you take a step, reminding you that it's there. Under The Hoode toe charms are amazingly comfortable with absolutely no pressure against your toes or feet when walking - so comfortable you'll forget you have them on. Super sexy, cute or elegant, they seem to hug to your toe almost invisibly. Beautiful with heels, sandals, flip flops or just bare feet. Wear them with elegant evening dresses, sun dresses, shorts, jeans, swimsuits, and even lingerie. Your man will love your sexy feet; your friends will love to have one for themselves! Gift one to a friend or treat yourself. Makes a perfect gift - no worry about sizing!

Beautifully designed toe charms to make your feet Oh, So Toe Charming! Summertime butterfly in beautiful vibrant pink enamel with tine red crystals along the body centerline; ring size 3-1/2 un-stretched – good for 3rd 4th 5th toes; (tip: measure around your toe with string or yarn – length should be 2 inches or longer against a ruler) hidden/clear double strand stretch filament with gentle stretching allows for easy wear on toe or finger and no uncomfortable rubbing or pressure points on the feet when walking. One size fits most, select finger or toe most comfortable for wear.  Boxed shipping. 

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