Womens Torc with Pierced Body Chain Pierced Belly Chain or VCH Chain Pearled Boho

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Womens Torc Choker Necklace with Detachable Pierced Body Chain - Belly Chain or VCH Chain

Pearled Boho Torc Choker with Pierced Body Chain - Custom Length Belly or VCH

This complete set includes:

  • Shabby chic boho style torc choker necklace features shades of cream and grey colors accented with faux pearls and rope charms, finished with silvertone ends and silky grey ribbon. Measures approximately 1-1/4 inch wide, one size fits all.
  • 10-Second Pierced Body Chain quickly attaches and detaches to/from torc choker. Decorative hook connection at the choker and our infamous piercing bar filament loop attachment at the bottom for quickly and easily attaching to your piercing bar jewelry such as a pierced belly bar or a VCH bar. We provide custom length so you get just the right size! How to get your custom size: Measure the distance from your 'Adam's Apple' at your neck to the top ball end of the piercing bar location. Add any desired extra length and enter measurement in inches when placing in cart**Piercing bar not included**

Why ribbon necklaces and chokers? I prefer ribbons for several reasons. First and foremost, they're sexy.  Ribbons are just plain sexy. The texture is sexy, the soft curves are sexy, and the delicate tying process is sexy. Ribbons fit any size. Adjust the length easily to fit the neckline you are using or easily fits as a choker, no matter what neck size you are shopping for.  Ribbon necklaces and chokers don't 'spin around' with the clasps moving around to the front. Surprisingly, they are easy to care for.  Hand wash and/or cool iron as needed.

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