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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

Cockring Czech Glass Gold Spike Collar - HypoAllergenic (metal free)

Expandable Style Cockring   (Read about Under The Hoode Expandable Cockrings here)

  • Premade sizing with Czech gold glass and filament - contains no metal finishing pieces
  • Select from two available diameters: 25-28mm; 31-33mm

Read how to measure for a cockring here

The best of the best Czech glass made in the Czech Republic, you're going to love the way these pieces feel - super smooth and sleek with a quality weighted feel.  Gold color satin finish surface makes a handsome piece - not too glossy but not a dull pewter finish either. Each piece measures 1/4 inch wide (6mm) and measures 1/4 inch (7mm) tall. Expandable design in premade sizing makes unique hypoallergenic piece with NO finishing metal barrel bead on the underside, will expand approximately 1/2 inch diameter and back. Not gift boxed.

All cockrings are for casual jewelry wear, ornamental purposes only. Cockrings specific to sexual activity can be found at UnderTheHoode sex toy store affiliate: Under The Hoode Toy Box.

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