Brasstone Starburst Elements Ribbon Choker Necklace Under The Hoode


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Brasstone Starburst Elements Ribbon Choker Necklace

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Why ribbon necklaces and chokers? I prefer ribbons for several reasons. First and foremost, they're sexy.  Ribbons are just plain sexy.  The texture is sexy, the soft curves are sexy, and the process of unwrapping (removing) them is sexy. Extra length of ribbons cascading down the back is also sexy.  Ribbons fit any size. Adjust the length easily to fit the neckline you are using or easily fits as a choker, no matter what neck size you are shopping for.  Ribbon necklaces and chokers don't 'spin around' with the clasps moving around to the front. Surprisingly, they are easy to care for.  Iron as needed; satin/polyester ribbons use cool iron; acetate/crisp ribbons use medium iron.

Perfectly dressy ... white ribbon choker features 5/8 inch silky-soft satin ribbon accented with heavy weight brasstone elements with a starburst floral theme design embellished with sparkling crystals and accented below with bright silverplate chain swags; brasstone elements measure 1-1/4 inch each and span approximately 3-3/4 inches across; swag dip is 3 inches; bold and elegant with a sexy, sassy tie ribbon that easily fits any size, stays securely yet offers quick, easy and sexy.... removal!  Ribbon ends permanently sealed;  total length from end to end is 43 inches for plenty of extra sexy ribbon length down the back when tied.  Cool iron to ribbon as needed.

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