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Z Sold - Ben Wa Jewelry Red Jasper Stone Yoni Stone Jewelry Yoni Egg Tigers Realm Tassels by Under The Hoode


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Ben Wa Jewelry Cascade Custom Red Jasper Stone Yoni Egg - Tigers Realm Tassels

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A twist on ben wa in a single bead jewelry design!  Provides excellent muscle toning. Ideal for Dom's no-panties submissive, enticing foreplay for couples, or just to enjoy for oneself.

Heavy stone jewelry cascade.  Custom designed and created stone yoni egg ben wa jewelry cascade features a smoothly polished egg shaped red jasper stone which has beautiful, deep rust red color; heavy weight stone measures approx. 1-1/2 inch long, 1 inch wide at the largest end; finished below with a cascade of goldtone and dark copper chain tassels, a custom hand painted orange-rust tiger striped focal bead, a 1-1/4 inch open center goldtone contemporary charm and geometric shaped accent beads; includes a silver glitter retrieval cord; all tassels intimately intertwine with each other with movement. Total length 8 inches (201cm). 

All items are for jewelry wear, ornamental purposes only. >>Toys specific to sexual activity can be found at UnderTheHoode webstore under: Under The Hoode Toy Box.

Item is not gift boxed.

COPYRIGHTS: Under The Hoode and ben wa jewelry cascades are exclusive copyrights of Under The Hoode, LLC Feb. 2006 (c)