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Anal Plug Jewelry Cascade - Gooseneck Bullet Plug / Cleopatra Silky Chain Tassel

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- Gooseneck Bullet Plug (C) (TM) Anal Plug Jewelry Cascade

~ Anal plug muscle toning jewelry cascade

Custom designed and created anal plug jewelry cascade features a silicon anal plug bullet with retrieval ring - 2-1/4 inch (5.75cm) penetration; gooseneck style jewelry cascade hugs the resting notch of the bullet plug with goldtone wire collar and a cascade of faux pearls, opaque and garnet red accent beading; finished below with a heavy weight, solid composition cone and a full bunch of silky soft goltone chain tassels that caress the thighs with movement. Jewelry cascade length measures approx. 5-1/4 inches to bottom of tassel.  Strong swing, tassels caress the thighs with movement.

COPYRIGHTS: Under The Hoode and Gooseneck Bullet Plug anal bead jewelry cascades are exclusive copyrights of Under The Hoode, LLC Feb. 2006 (c)

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