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Anal Bead Jewelry Cascade Anal Plug Bullet Tail Jewelry Cascade -  Key Phallus and Mandala

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- Bullet Tail (C) (TM) Anal Plug Jewelry Cascade

~ Anal plug muscle toning jewelry cascade

Custom designed and created anal plug jewelry cascade features a male and female union theme with an ornately designed key phallus charm in masculine pewter-tone finish, elaborate head piece, strong and bold un-collared shaft and a large, splendid tip bit end; complimenting female theme features an ornate mandala charm with feminine scrolling around the perimeter with a generous and inviting open center; phallus key charm dangle length set exactly to place tip bit at mandala opening, representing a symbolic male-female union; key charm length is 2-1/4 inches; mandala measures 1-1/4 inches diameter; suspended by matching bold ink chains; lever hook at top for attaching to your anal plug ring; jewelry cascade length is 4-3/4 inches (120mm) to bottom of mandala charm and approx. 5-1/4 inches to bottom of tassel.  Strong swing movement, tassels and charms intimately intertwine with movement.

Need an anal plug with a ring? Add one to your purchase when placing in cart - we have two convenient price and material options to fit your needs:

     > Silicon Anal Plug Bullet with Ring features a 2-1/4 inch (5.75cm) penetration size black silicon butt plug with retrieval ring; one solid piece; total item length from end to end is 3.-1/2 inches (9cm). See listing photos for view.

     > Stainless Steel Anal Plug Bullet with Removable Core features a 3-1/2 inch (9cm) penetration size stainless steel butt plug with retrieval ring; removable core allows for butt plug only wear or attaching ring for retrieval and jewelry cascades; total item length is 4 inches (10.5cm). See listing photos for view.

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