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Bronze Mariner Flex Style Pierced Cockring

Flex Style Pierced Cockring   (Read about Under The Hoode Flex Style Pierced Cockrings here)

Three measurements needed to order: Full circumference, Range, and piercing bar length.

*If providing in inches, please use standard ruler measures (ie. 3-3/16 inch) and not decimal measures (1.34 inch)

Read how to measure for a flex style pierced cockring here

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Our Bronze Mariner casual wear flex style pierced frenum ring, glans ring, or cockring is created to your size and features handsome bold 9mm golden bronze metal elements with distressed finish and double-sided knot patterns. Bold barrel ends with mariner's S pattern etched designs. Solid weight. Approx. 5mm thick with double anchor point for pierced bar attachment. 

All cockrings are for casual jewelry wear, ornamental purposes only. Cockrings specific to sexual activity can be found at UnderTheHoode sex toy store affiliate: Under The Hoode Toy Box.

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