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Weighted Nipple Clamps Clips - Submissive Elegance Nipple Jewelry

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Nipple clips/clamps feature black toothless polymer clips that offer constant pressure without harsh, toothed clamps; accented with 2-1/4 inch long single drop style weighted dangles, rich color and elegant theme; 3/4 inch goldtone O-ring accented in the center with a bold, frosted gold composite pearl bead; finished below with a 3/4 inch goldtone bell cap - primitive in design, yet contrasted with beauty and elegance by a dark, midnight electric blue Austrian crystal teardrop underneath; solid weight, assertive swing motion; clamp area measures 1/4 inch (7mm) wide and approximately .5 inches (12mm) deep; dangles provide vibration with movement.  Prepare nipple, peaking to erectness. Pinch to fit clip width with slight outward pull. Attach clip from underside of nipple and release.

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