Z Sold Nonpiercing Nipple Chain Under The Hoode Fancy Bow Charm Slider


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Non-Piercing Wire Hoop Jewelry - Manually adjustable tension goldtone wire nipple jewelry features a delicate goldtone chain with a fancy bow charm slider that  moves freely along the chain; chain measures 9-1/4 inches (23.75cm),  Hoop diameter measures approx. 7/16 inch / 10mm with a bit of room to adjust smaller/larger. Not recommended for nipples that have short length when erect (ie. less than 3/16 inch). Adjust bottom arms outward and upward on nipple hoop until the desired tension is reached. NOTE: Under the Hoode recommends application of body adhesive around the base of the nipple prior to attaching the nipple jewelry to ensure secure attachment through playtime, in the water, and throughout the day for intended product results. Amount of adhesive varies per person and should be adjusted according to individual needs. 

Body adhesive and remover are sold in a dual sampler set: Body Adhesive & Remover Sampler Set

Why Under The Hoode Nipple Jewelry?

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