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Etched Medallion Dangles Nipple Chain with Bar Base Adaptors 
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​Do you have pierced nipple bars and would like to change your nipple jewelry to match your outfit or fit your mood? It's quite bothersome to unscrew and screw ball ends every time you want to make a change. Under The Hoode pierced nipple bar base adaptors are decorative in design and contour around and underneath the nipple - designed for a piercing bar to quickly attach/detach/change your nipple jewelry charms quickly and easily without the inconvenience of managing the ball ends. 

Base adaptors available for nipple and VCH piercing bars at Under The Hoode. 

Nipple piercing base adaptors feed onto a piercing bar to allow attaching and removing charms, chains and jewelry cascades. Easy to use. Simply feed base adaptor onto piercing bar or ring and leave in place. Attach and remove jewelry cascades and charms to and from the base adaptors. Brasstone finish base bridge designs have a smooth curve and matte finish - offers simple style even when charms or chains are not attached. Curved design follows the curvature around the nipples; measures 3/8 inch inside width and 3/8 inch length from bar to bottom of adaptor. Contains mixed metals; routine cleaning/maintenance. 

Nipple chain features contemporary focal designs of 7/8 inch (23mm) diameter metal charms in bronze-gold color finish, etched with bright silvertone flashings that reflect a rainbow of light with movement; light jingling noise with movement; 10 inch length matching chain swag with lobster claw clasps allow for quick and easy attachment and removal from bar base adaptors included with purchase. Quality piece. Select chain length.

** piercing bars not included** 

COPYRIGHTS: Under The Hoode and bar base adaptor designs are exclusive copyrights of Under The Hoode, LLC Feb. 2006