ZZ-Sold Out Anal Bead Jewelry Cascade Under The Hoode Ebony & Raven Blue-Black II


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Quality composition; light heavy weight. Provides excellent anal stimulation and small bead for beginners or muscle toning for those experienced. Ideal for Dom's no-panties submissive, enticing foreplay for couples, or just to enjoy for oneself.

Small bead jewelry cascade.  Custom designed and created ben-wa anal bead jewelry cascade features a small 5/8 inch (16mm) diameter frosted cream colored composite bead with large, bold-link chain tassels in gunmetal black and silvertone accented with black and raven blue-black glass bead accents; jewelry cascade length is 5.5 inches to bottom of beads; total length approx. 6-1/2 inches. 

COPYRIGHTS: Under The Hoode and ben wa anal bead jewelry cascades are exclusive copyrights of Under The Hoode, LLC Feb. 2006 (c)

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